(But also take time to watch on-site briefing videos upon check-in please!)

Mount Purro Nature Reserve is NOT a Resort

We are a nature reserve or an eco-park. We don't have airconditioning, free WiFi, television sets, free towels, room service or 24/7 concierge. 

  • We don't have airconditioning because we want our guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and the cool countryside breeze. Our rooms are walled by mosquito nets to allow for maximum air circulation. We make sure we provide fans too. (A lot of times guests end up turning off the fans because it gets too cold at night!)

  • We don't have free WiFi and TV because we want our visitors to #DisconnectToConnect with their family or friends (It limits our energy consumption too!).   BTW, we also have limited mobile signal (no Globe, weak Smart).

  • We don't have free towels and toiletries because we try to save on water consumption and limit waste (plastic containers, sachets).

  • And while we don't have 24/7 assistance, room service, and we disallow food consumption inside the rooms, we do our best to make sure that rooms are always clean and that our guests have access to free drinking water 24/7.

However, we have the basic necessities: places to eat, gather, bond, relax, sleep and have fun!  :) 

We Treat Guests Like Family & Partners

We hope to be your home away from home.  We may not have 5-star amenities, but we will try our best to make you feel comfortable, just like the mood at your grand parents' place or a family friend's house.  :) 


Moreover, we invite you to be our partner - to experience and share God, Nature and People (GNP) as the essential source of peace, happiness and development.  

Hope to see you soon, and often. :D

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Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Purok 5, Barangay Calawis,

Antipolo City, Philippines

Information 8542-3005 / 0908-881-2701

Reservations 0949-398-1799

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