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Our Eco-park

Our Impact

MPNR Foundation

MPNR Foundation has been actively implementing a community-based reforestation program, with the goal of making it economically viable, sustainable, and replicable across multiple sites.
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Environmental Rehabilitation

Our primary motivation for engaging in this type of business is our love for the environment. Through the years, we have planted thousands of trees in a 1,000+ hectare area in the hills and slopes of Mount Purro. If rehabilitated correctly, the Marikina Watershed can truly curb a lot of the damage done by destructive typhoons. Our hope is that we serve as an inspiration to other like-minded individuals, so that they too can help bring back the forest to its former glory.

Help the environment through MPNR Foundation

Support reforestation and community building in Brgy. Calawis with a minimum donation of Php 300 only. Read more about our environmental activities in the MPNR Foundation primer.

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