What can we do at MPNR?

Climb a Mountain / Go Hiking

Get to Know the Dumagats

Trek to the Waterfalls/Lagoon

Acquaint yourself with the Dumagats who are the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Learn about their experiences and let them teach you how to build a fire and cook using nothing but wood and bamboo!

Eat, Pray, Love

Try Our Ropes Courses

Make Smores & Cook Hotdogs

Have Fun in our Game Room

Pitch a Tent

Plant Trees / Cultivate the Soil

Want to initiate a tree planting activity? Interested in farming? Let us know and we'll organize something for you :)

Go Swimmming

Nature Playscape 

Just Be.

Nowadays, kids go to malls to play in indoor play areas like KidZoona, KidZania, and KidzCity. At MPNR, we introduce a similar concept, but outdoors!