Our Mission

BSK Scholarship Program

We believe that education is they key to unlocking success and true freedom. Hence, we initiated a scholarship program, made available to families of BSK members. We provide tuition assistance, and provide uniforms and school supplies to the students. Currently, we have more than 20 scholars.

Bayanihan Sa Kabuhayan (BSK)

In our desire to be caretakers of the mountains and the forest, we realized that we have to be caretakers of the people, too. Reforestation efforts would be for naught if the uplanders, the people who rely on the forest for their livelihood, are neglected. Thus, we created a people's organization called Bayanihan sa Kabuhayan (BSK). Today, BSK is 100+ strong and is a solid support system for all its members.

Dumagat Outreach

The Dumagats are the original inhabitants of Mount Purro. As indigenous peoples, they have gone through a lot of challenges, mostly brought about by the lowlanders. Initially, there was resistance on their part, seeing us as a threat to their land. Through the years, however, we have gotten close to them. Currently, we work together to bring back the glory of Mother Earth. The Dumagats are a truly wonderful people and we hope you get to know them, too.

Mount Purro Primary Health Care Center

We believe that caring for the environment and caring for one's self goes hand in hand. This is what motivated us to establish the Mount Purro Primary Health Center. Providing access to quality health care and affordable medicines, MPHC seeks to improve the health status of the residents in and around Mount Purro. For many years now, Mount Purro Nature Reserve has been very active in providing assistance to those who need urgent medical attention.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Our primary motivation for engaging in this type of business is our love for the environment. Through the years, we have planted thousands of trees in a 1,000+ hectare area in the hills and slopes of Mount Purro. If rehabilitated correctly, the Marikina Watershed can truly curb a lot of the damage done by destructive typhoons. Our hope is that we serve as an inspiration to other like-minded individuals, so that they too can help bring back the forest to its former glory.

Clean Water Initiative (Patubig)

Access to clean water is something residents of Metro Manila take for granted. In the mountains, however, clean, potable, running water is hard to come by. What we did was to improve on the existing water system so that there would be consistent supply of clean running water in the community. Since then, the rate of disease has gone down significantly and the quality of life has gone up.