A Closer Look at Our Facilities


We cater to the different needs of our guests: teambuilding, private meetings, planning seminars, conferences, corporate events, parties, etc. Much like our accommodations, our facilities are also native-inspired and have an outdoorsy vibe. 

Spaces for Gathering

The Mess Hall / Loli's Kitchen

Our dining area and the home of the famous Loli's Kitchen. Good for 150 people. Usually everyone's favorite place, for self-explanatory reasons (FOOD). Very homey and laid-back. Nothing beats nature + good food, good people, and good conversation.


Mini-Conference Area

An activity and gathering area for small groups. Good for 40 people. Can be set up like an outdoor conference room. Equipped with a whiteboard, screen and projector, and a mini-sound system.

Main Conference Area

A large and cheerful space with a lot of potential. Can accommodate 200 people. May be converted to a lecture hall, an activity area, or even into a glamorous wedding reception venue.

The Pavilion

Similar to the main conference area, the Pavilion can also accommodate large groups, as much as 150. Best for holding games and activities. Atop the pavilion is our hostel-style accommodations. Convenient, ain't it? Feeling adventurous? Try our 15 feet slide by the stairs!

Asian Lounge

Asian-inspired lounge area. Complete with benches and pillows for taking breezy afternoon naps. Can be converted to an activity area or dining area for small groups.

Activity Field

An open field for the kids to run and play. Play soccer and throw frisbees. Hunt Makahiya plants. This space can also be set-up for games, outdoor functions, and garden weddings.

Martha Stewart Gazebos

Plenty of these scattered around the area. Good for taking pictures. Best for chilling, reading a book, or some prayer and meditation. Challenge: Find them all! Hint: 6 in total!

Activity Areas

Game Room

Designed for the teens and the young at heart. Billiards, table tennis, foosball, mahjong, board games. Also equipped with an TV and a couch, for binge watching TV shows.

Spa Area

Pamper yourself with a 1 hour traditional hilot massage. Perfect to achieve relaxation not only of the mind, but also the body!

Bonfire Areas

Nothing like a good old campfire to usher in a memorable night of fun, laughter, musc, and stories.

Garden Tent Area

Pitch tents and go camping. Sleep in your sleeping bags and wake up to the sweet smell of grass.

Swimming Pool

An mountainside pool with a beach-style entrance. Swim with a spectacular view of Mount Purro. There is a kiddie section for toddlers to explore the waters on their own. Tip: Go night swimming, the colorful and whimsical lights are sure to WOW!

The Laudato Si Hiking Trail

A 4-kilometer enclosed hiking trail with a statue of Mother Mary to greet you at the top. Look around and marvel at the different species of flowers and plants along the way. Not only is this good exercise, but it is also a surefire way to realize the beauty of God's creation.


For thrill-seekers, we have the Mini-Zipline. The Mini-Zipline, despite being designed for kids, will still give an adrenaline rush for the not-so-little ones. For the more daring, try our high-element ropes course: Rappelling from the water tank and Catwalk between coconut trees.

Nature Playscape

A nature-style children's playground with swings, slides, monkey bars, tree houses and MUD kitchen!